Employees Picks

Karan’s Pick

Big Bag of Buds Ultra Sour         20.1%THC...

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Dave’s Pick – Oshawa

Employee's Pick Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms  19-22%THC One of...

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Matias’s Pick – Oshawa

Employee's Pick Big Bag of Buds I.C.C ( Ice cream...

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Macey’s Pick Toronto

Employee's Picks Trailblazer Chocolate Bars Assorted Flavors  10mg THC in...

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black cherry punch

Nikki’s Pick Toronto

Redecan Black Cherry Punch  21.8% THC    2.9% TERPS When...

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Nirav’s pick Toronto

Employees picks Simply Bare Organic BC Blue Dream 19.2% up...

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Rick’s Pick Toronto

Employees Picks Garlic Cookies By CALI   23.3% Just in time...

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