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PAX Era                         By Macey Santos

“Sip it, don’t rip it.”

The Pax Era is just that smooth! Unlike other vaporizers the Pax Era requires a very little pull for a significant inhale of smooth unburnt vapor. With a six-hour battery charge, the sleek and discreet design of the PAX Era is ready to use whenever and wherever you are. Stealthy style and sleek elegance truly shape it’s design flawlessly.

 The PAX App

Even if the PAX Era itself was not a great vaporizer (which it is awesome) it is still worth the purchase for the App alone. Compatible with both Android and Apple products the PAX App provides you with many useful features and information. From precise temperature control, to color modification and even a locking feature

With the PAX App you can explore PAX pods and learn more about them.  You can even see where the closest retailer is near you! The App will show a description of the pod, its potency, effects, test results, and even customer-based ratings.

When you set up your PAX pod the temperature will automatically set to the ideal temperature for that specific pod – this is the recommended temperature but with the PAX App you can customize your temperature to your liking by the degree! PAX takes into consideration that everyone is different and vapes a different way: the lower the temperature the better the flavour, the higher the temperature the bigger the clouds.

The PAX App keeps track of all your pods information and usage for you! It will keep track of when you first started a pod, and which pods you have purchased – a super handy feature for when you forget the name of a pod you really enjoyed and want again. With the controlled usage sessions, it takes the question of “how high am I?” to “how high do I want to get?”. By giving you the option to control how much you want to intake it’s a great way to keep track of your dosage, meaning your high is in your control.

PAX Era Vs 510

Pax Era

510 Battery

Why Is This Important?

1 year warranty

30-day warranty, sometimes none

Life is always better with a warranty, let alone a free one!

1 % Leakage Rate, 2-wick design

2-10% Leakage Rate, 1 wick design

Nobody likes a leaky vaporizer – it creates a mess and wastes product. The PAX Era 2-wick design allows for you to vape the pod in full, leaving no product behind. The PAX Era pods can last up to 1-2 weeks due to the design of the pod whereas 510 cartridges have a much less life span.

Closed loop heating control that is measured every 8ms, controllable to the degree

One pre-selected temperature, can vary by charge of battery

Nothing is worse than when your new pod gets burnt – the PAX Era constantly checks your temperature to make sure it won’t vary and burn your pod. Keeps track of your selected target temperature ensuring the same experience from puff to puff for the entire cartridge.

240 mAH Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Varies from 150mAH+

Transparency is key when it comes to trusting a brand. Rarely do standard 510 batteries disclose information about its power. As a cannabis consumer all a products information should be readily available for safety reasons.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Wow! I recently got my pax era and it’s so easy to use!
    I love it’s simple design and how long the battery lasts me👌🏼
    I definitely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys a smooth dab 😏

    • Kamal Dhillon says:

      Always wonderful to hear how much joy comes from something so simple. Thank you Pax is one of our must haves for anyone in vape game

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