Puffco Peak

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Puffco Peak – The Honest Review

Torches and fumbling can kick the bricks. Puffco has designed an electric dab rig that actually does what they have been built to do. Puffco peak is made to deliver the purest clean flavor, potency, and all the wonderful effects of the plant that the concentrate was derived from. This rig has made dabbing easier than rolling a jay!

First of it’s kind the Peak really hit the mark. Easy to use you don’t need any expertise, yet can be the perfect rig for a seasoned pro. No mess just place your concentrate into the ceramic cup, put your carb cap on, and heat up. SO EASY!!!

Okay why is it so easy?

Well not need for pre heating anymore. Puffco has ceramic cups that you place your concentrate in while it is cold, meaning you can take your time and be mess free. On average it takes 20 to 30 seconds to heat up then your toke come through filtered water and hand blown glass. Super easy to clean and maintain as well. The Peak smart rig does come with a nice carrying case, extra cups, dab tool, carb cap, a charger, and even cotton swabs for cleaning.

I would stay away from dabs just because of the extra work and mess. This rig changed everything.


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