Return Policy

Who can make a return?

Any customer who bought their product from our store.

What do I need to make a return?

Physical proof of purchase receipt or customer profile receipt record.

What products can I return?

When can I return a product?

You can make a return within 2 weeks of purchase with a physical receipt or 4 weeks with a customer profile record receipt

Where should I return the product?

Returns can only be made in-store by a manager. Come to one of our locations and ask for a manager to conduct a return with your proof of purchase or your account information.

How will I receive the refund?

Why is your policy so strict?

Our products are bought wholesale from the OCS and are shipped to us sealed and packaged. We cannot legally resell products where the duty shipped sticker has been ripped off. Thus, we cannot take any returns after the duty shipped sticker has been ripped off unless there was a manufacturing error.

When a faulty product is returned, our store has to justify the manufacturing error to the OCS in order to receive our refund for the product. For this reason, we require adequate proof that the product is faulty.

In order to save you time and money, we urge you to have a detailed conversation with your budtender regarding the products you are purchasing.

What can I do if I’ve missed the return window?

If the product is faulty, contact the OCS or the licensed producer listed on the product and you will be able to communicate your issues to them.

How to make returns easier:

To make the return process easier, we use a customer profile system to keep track of your likes and dislikes. The tracking system is purely to enhance your buying experience and will not invade your privacy.

To create a profile all you must provide is a first and last name and a means of contact (phone number/email). To make customers feel more comfortable we will even let you use a different name than on your ID.

Why create a profile?

enjoy the journey

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