Pink Diamonds

February 05, 2022 The Honest Review No Comments »

Pink Diamonds by Cali

Let’s start with the fact that Cali produced two other strains which we’re amazing, ( big budda cheese and garlic cookies ) so reaching for this phenom was almost a clear decision. Pink Diamonds, came in at 25.2 % crossed with pink kush and black diamond. Once ripping into the container your smacked with pungent cheesy, shroomy, goodness that was actually unexpected. Very dense orange hair trichome covered buds look as smell top shelf.

Each toke tastes like the first, great consistency. Very cheesy with notes of mycerne and linalool Cali did this cross justice. The joint burned completely even and it’s ash was fairly white and grey, meaning clean burning pot.

If you are looking for quality pot without killing the account grab a 3.5g for $32.99 while you can!

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