About Us

Cannabis Street is an AGCO licensed retailer of Cannabis products and accessories. Our Cannabis products are ordered weekly from the OCS, we receive new products every Saturday before the end of the day. We believe in good cost great return so “OUR COMPANY POLICY is price integrity from the start”  All of the stores premium accessories and glassware are sourced and supplied by the Canadian suppliers Humble & Fume, and West Coast Gifts, both companies curate high quality and unique lines of product that we order from monthly. Please ask about specialty accessories and glass that you’d like to get your hands on! Cannabis Street is a family-owned business – the owners, Kamal and Ranjit Dhillon are advocates for the recreational and legal use of cannabis products, and their goal in the industry is to create awareness and education surrounding the safe use of cannabis while helping customers achieve their desired journey. We source a unique and flexible menu for any cannabis preference or price point that you need, we have anything you need at the right price! 

Our York location is our First and flagship Toronto store and its theme and décor are surrounded in Peace & Love – meant to provide a laid back, relaxing, and fun experience for customers (when in-store shopping resumes). Our Colorful store with murals, retro references, and sleek modern displays will transport you back to the 70s for a guaranteed groovy shopping experience, while still providing you with a professional and friendly customer service experience. Our store hopes and works to honor the great foundational work that older generations have laid with the cannabis decriminalization movement and plan to commit to donating to charities like Cannabis Amnesty in the future to help aid prisoners who are fighting Cannabis charges – No one should be in jail for Cannabis, and we must not forget to consider and honor these people who are still being criminalized for a crime which no longer exists. It is a privilege to be able to consume legally and we cannot forget that. 

The fairly new Canadian Cannabis movement is constantly advancing in terms of innovative products, education, and regulations. Our highly knowledgeable and up-to-date budtenders will help you find the perfect product at the perfect price while keeping you updated and educated on new laws and regulations to keep you safe.

The Neighborhoods

Our company prides itself on embracing the culture and sense of community within the neighborhoods of our store locations 

Our first store at 1982 Eglinton Ave W, is located in the neighborhood of Little Jamaica in Toronto – a vibrant district filled to the brim with diverse culture and communities tying into the theme of peace & love. Our Eglinton location is a huge store with lots of displays and top staff at your service.

Toronto Ph: 416-901-3445

Our second store at 1100 Simcoe St. N Unit 3, is located in the heart-growing city of Oshawa – home to General Motors, Ontario Tech University, and Durham College. This neighborhood boasts a great variety of restaurants and an abundance of parks and lakes in the surroundings. Our store is located near the intersection of Beatrice Street and Simcoe Street North close to the downtown core. We hope to help serve the large percentage of Cannabis users in Oshawa by promoting the use of our products healthily and beneficially.

Oshawa Ph: 905-240-5545

The Owners

Kamal and Ranjit Dhillon founded Cannabis Street in 2020 and worked for a year to develop a spectacular team of educated and knowledgeable Budtenders and Managers, Their First Store opened May 1st of 2021. Kamal and Ranjit advocate for the legal use and extensive education surrounding the use of Cannabis and even use our products in their personal recreational lives! Ranjit’s Mother (seen in photo) also uses CBD recreationally for relaxation. The family’s willingness to recommend and use the product can be traced back to their East Indian Heritage, in which Cannabis is consumed in many festivals and celebrations. On the popular religious day related to the Hindu God Lord Shiva, Bhang Lassi (a cannabis-infused yogurt drink) was served to guests in gatherings. In India, it is believed that Tulsi (Holy Basil) is considered the queen of all herbs, and Ganja (Cannabis) is considered to be the King of all plants.

Our Team

All of our staff are required to wear masks, record their temperature at work, and regularly sanitize the store to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our qualified and experienced team of budtenders is heavily trained in product knowledge and Canadian laws around the safe and responsible sale of each product. Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced user, our team of experts is eager to converse with you to optimize your customer experience. Our budtenders are licensed to sell cannabis with their CannSell certification as required by the AGCO. Most importantly, all our staff here at Cannabis Street share the common goal of making every customer feel valued, comfortable, and important so they always leave happy (and HIGH)!

Our Products & Accessories

Our accessories are sourced in Canada from various wholesalers, our smoking accessories are bought from Canada’s leading distributor of cannabis accessories Humble & Fume, and our Premium Glassware is sourced from BC’s WestCoastGifts. These companies provide us with the quality and comfort of being able to offer our customers exceptional, fun, and functional smoking accessories at a good price – while still sourcing limited unique pieces in small quantities for cannabis enthusiasts.

enjoy the journey

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