Decarboxylation and why?

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Decarboxylation is an essential part when crafting our favorite edibles. Making edibles on your own may not have turned out as easy, or as well as you may have hoped for. By simply grinding or milling about 7 grams of dried flower, 1 cup butter or coconut oil and 1 and a half cups of water. Start by baking your ground cannabis flower in the oven at 230F for roughly 50min mixing every 10 or so for even decarboxylation then you can use that dried flower as an activated powder or to infuse with butter or oil.

Lets explain how to make cannabutter/oil

  • On very low heat let butter/oil and water melt or meld with a medium sized saucepan
  • Then we can add our ground flower and mix well with a wooden or non stick spoon and cover ( For added kick you can use the same amount of dried flower in keif )
  • let it all gently simmer for roughly 4 hours but stir occasionally to make sure your mix is not burning or clumping together ( Use a thermometer to ensure you don’t exceed 180F )
  • After 4 hours strain everything through a cheese cloth or very fine filter and toss out any leftover plant materials
  • Put the freshly filtered butter/oil into the fridge until everything separates from the water and semi hardens on the top
  • At this point all you need to do is place the hardened butter/oil into it’s final container and use. If not using keep refrigerated

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