Kamala’s THC &/or CBD Infused Iced Coffee with Coffee Ice Cubes

June 03, 2021 Recipes No Comments »

This cannabis-infused iced coffee recipe is a great way to stay cold this summer. Make a wonderful tasting iced coffee with a fancy twist, a cannabis infusion & coffee ice cubes. For this recipe, you will need THC &/or CBD powder that you can purchase from a dispensary or from us here at Cannabis Street!


-Room temperature coffee

-THC and/or CBD infused powder (purchase from a cannabis dispensary)

-Milk, Cream, or Half and Half

-Sugar or simple syrup (1 part water, 1 part sugar)


1) Make a pot of coffee and let it sit until it cools to room temperature

2)Using an ice tray, fill it up using the room temperature coffee and put into the freezer for 3-4 hours

3) Once Frozen, take the ice cubes

4) Add your THC and/or CBD infused powder

5) Add your milk, cream or half-and-half, sugar or simple syrup

6)Stir the mixture up until it is evenly dispersed

7) Enjoy your Cannabis-infused ice coffee with coffee ice cubes!!

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