Why pot stands up to alcohol

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why pot

Why pot and alcohol is this even a topic?

Why should we put pot up against alcohol? would it help to fight alcoholism? This blog we will try to reach some understanding of alcohol and it’s counterpart marijuana. Why some think drinking is better and why some believe the opposite. Buckle up I think it may get dizzy in here. Right off the bat how many drink? Smoke? or do both?

A lot of alcohol users enjoy their drink while socializing. This gets people out of their homes and interacting with others, which is good but sometimes others can be a problem while drinking. Most common is beer muscles, loudness, and peer pressure to over drink.

Many users of the gunja plant enjoy the company of others while indulging, but usually only leads to laughter and an epic case of the munchies. Any peer pressure to over use tends to lead us to the pillow and not the toilet.

The Glory Of The Plant Why Pot

Marijuana has the ability to uplift one’s mind, body, and spirit with a euphoric haze of relaxation. If that doesn’t sound good to you then just wait because weed can’t really hurt you. ( minus the smoke intake ) It can Actually help to improve and even restore certain cells within our bodies and we all know no booze is about to do that. The marijuana plant is in fact all natural and has been used for ages by people all over this big globe of ours. Weed won’t make you blurred or slur your speech, you can still walk in a straight line and may even find you can focus twice as well.

The Pain Of The Bottle Why Alcohol

Hops barley and a whole bunch of rented water, lets face it even if you like the taste of Mr.Booze, this guy doesn’t like you back. Alcohol usually gets associated with poor decisions, late night’s, and can come with recovery time that leaves you asking why you had anything to drink in the first place. This stuff is addictive and harmful to yourself and others around you. Aside from a brief good time alcohol won’t come with many positive effects from it’s consumption.

When your high/When your drunk

When prohibition and criminalization started and stopped

Marijuana, how bad can it be right? Lots of people do it, plus it’s completely legal to consume. The same can be said for alcohol. So let us take that deep scary look into both worlds and start with my old buddy alcohol.

Booze was widely available for centuries, but on January 17th 1920 prohibition began, with a very noble attempt to solve corruption, help relive the overflow and burden of local jails, and to find a way to control domestic and spousal abuse in the western world. Thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt, on Dec 5 1933. He made it his promise to legalize drinking and was elected into office. Thanks I’ll drink to that!

Marijuana was properly banned in Canada in 1923 but not until 1937 was the american states on board with the marijuana act effectively criminalizing the use of gunja. BASTARDS LOL. Weed was banned in such a fashion that it became stigmatized with loosing your mind, like going crazy or being a braindead dummy. As we know in that great year of 2018 the Canadian government allowed us the use of recreational marijuana and the revolution began.

We lost control, but got it back baby

why pot


So let me ask how many have woke up after a night of drinking and said ( NEVER AGAIN ) hmmmm.

Marijuana will not give you a hangover nor will it make you stumble, slurr, or black out. Cannabis has the capability to improve on one’s chance to overcome alcohol like many things do. Weed allows you to have a buzz without the negative effects that arise from drinking, plus you can openly consume with others.


Pro’s & Con’s

why pot

Why pot is on my side

So after looking at the facts alcohol doesn’t seem as fun or even smart so clearly there is some evidence that a social life can maintained, and not do as much damage to ourselves. Marijuana can in fact help and does so daily. Turn over the bottle for a fatty and enjoy nature’s euphoric beauty.


Alcohol has ruined many lives.

All things in moderation, Cannabis Street believes that recreational marijuana is the right and logical choice. ENJOY THE JOURNEY


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