First Class Funk By Ghost Drops

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First Class Funk – The Honest Review

By Nikki Da Silva

I had to buy it to believe it, buying a first class ticket to this frosty forest is worth every nickel.

Ghost Drops did a fantastic job, they make me proud to call myself Canadian, Eh! They definitely live up to their reputation, starting from the underground cannabis culture scene… Now they’re here. They’re certainly not afraid to push boundaries with their rebellious history starting back in 2017, Ghost drops hit the streets with their game-changing legacy genetics and challenging ideas. Now finally launching into the Canadian legal market in 2021 .. Lucky Us!

From the first look at the beautiful UV protected pink glass container, to the smell of the bud once opened, to the euphoric high – it will have you falling in love. Another one of the reasons why the First Class Funk makes the top of my cannabis list is Ghost Drops dedicates their time to ensuring the harvesting, trimming, and curing process is all done by hand.

Landing at 32% THC already sounds like a fun ride, just to find out that the Terpenes which include Limonene, Pinene, and Terpinolene came in at a whopping 3.91%! It was love at first sight. I’m a huge sucker for big green dense frosty buds and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. From breaking up the bud with my fingers I could tell that it was very fresh, it took me awhile to roll because i could not stop smelling my fingers… More like First Class Dank! Since the terpenes came in at almost 4%, my high lasted longer than usual and gave the entourage effect a whole new meaning.

Crossed with GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato, it’s pungent funky jet fuel aroma had me fastening my seat belt, half way through smoking a 0.5 g pinner, it had me coughing but also laughing, I felt a nice body buzz and a state of euphoria that was quite memorable. After realizing I don’t need to intake much to feel the effects, I savoured the rest of it by ripping bowls in my new bong! To be honest I’ve never had a half quarter last me as long as this one did. As far as taste goes, i definitely got notes of citrus that was paired with a nice smooth gassy finish.

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